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Coyote Medicine Man Headdress

Coyote Medicine Man Headdress, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
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This is a Coyote Medicine Man Headdress which features a genuine, quality Coyote fur pelt, professionally cleaned and fully tanned.

The head and neck of the pelt are fashioned about a felt skull cap. The rest of the pelt hangs down over the shoulders and down the backside.

Fully decorated honor feathers are installed down the back. The tails is also intact. The feet of the animal are not always intact. Pelt coloring and feathers will very. One size fits all.

Pictures are representative. This item is usually in stock. If this item is not in stock at the time it is ordered, it may take a week complete before shipping. The skin has to be completely dry before we can ship.

Feel free to contact us for an estimated ship date.

This headdress does not include the breastplate choker or display stand.


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