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Spirit Eagle War Bonnet in Grey

Spirit Eagle War Bonnet in Grey and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
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The Spirit Eagle War Bonnet in Grey is made using genuine barred turkey main feathers tipped with two-tone grey feather fluffs and genuine horse hair. Horse Hair represents good luck to most Native Americans.

The feathers bottoms are wrapped in grey wraps and hand sewn onto a felt skull cap which is covered in matching fluffs.

A single decorated honor feather is positioned in the crown of the skull cap in the back of the bonnet. A thick row of two-tone grey feather fluffs are aligned on top of the wraps. The brow band and matching rosettes are beaded then sewn by hand. Beading colors and designs will vary.

Barred Turkey feathers are wrapped and decorated with matching color fluffs andused for drops on either side.

One size fits all.

Pictures are representative of the actual war bonnet you would receive. Please allow 1-2 weeks to create before shipping. Each one is made from scratch by hand, no kits.


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