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Ceremonial Fans and Dance Fans

All of our Ceremonial Fans and Dance Fans are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Beaded Macaw Prayer Fan.

Beaded Macaw Prayer Fan

These beautiful and exotic Macaw feather prayer fans were created by Cherokee artist, Wetfoot. His unique braided beading follows his own sacred path.

A Prayer Fan is commonly given as a gift to heal the heart. Just as the First People used the feathers to send prayers to the heavens and draw healing power from the sky, and so with all sincerity we hope such healing goes with you with every footstep.

Feather colors, beading and fur will vary, as each fan is a unique piece.

The fans measures approximately 18" in length.

Each one sold separately, not by pairs.


Beaded Prayer Fan.

Creek Made Flat Beaded Handle Prayer Fan

A beautiful handcrafted prayer fan with a beaded handle, leather, fur and feathers.

Each is unique with regard to the buckskin, fur and glass beads.


Beaded Prayer Feather.

Beaded Prayer Feather

A Cherokee made Prayer Feather with a beaded fringed handle.

Prayer Feathers are commonly given as a gift to heal the heart.

Feather, beads, leather and fur varies.


Exotic Prayer Fan with Antler.

Exotic Prayer Fan with Antler

An Exotic Prayer Fan featuring a Deer or Elk Antler handle, Wild Turkey feathers, and exotic Peacock and Pheasant feathers. Soft rabbit fur is decorated about the handle.


Flat Ceremonial Prayer Fan.

Flat Ceremonial Prayer Fan

This flat Ceremonial Prayer Fan, handmade by Navajo artist, Curtis Bitsui, features 4 large black feathers with decorative pheasant feathers.

It is then wrapped in a buckskin leather handle with some braided leather decorations, and finished off with a little piece of coyote fur.


Pheasant Wing Fan with Flat Beaded Handle.

Pheasant Wing Fan with Flat Beaded Handle

This beautiful fan is hand made by popular artist La Ne Ayo of the Creek Nation.

This fan features a small, full pheasant wing mounted on a buckskin wrapped, flat handle which is decorated with seed beads, plush animal fur (either fox or coyote, depending on availability), twisted buckskin fringe and a turquoise talisman.

These are fine fans and each one may vary slightly in beads, leather, fur and wing shape.


Cherokee Made Beaded Prayer Fan.

Cherokee Made Beaded Prayer Fan

This beaded handle prayer fan features large, natural turkey feathers with a beaded handle. The beads are in a crossed pattern.

All beaded handles will be different and the colors will vary. The fan is accented with a piece of fox or rabbit fur, and finished off with a fringed bottom.

Very nicely done by Cherokee artist, Wetfoot.


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