Native American Spirit Masks.

Spirit Masks

Just take a moment and look at the craftsmanship of each of these Spirit Masks. Each Spirit Mask is handcrafted and comes with it's own Certificate of Authenticity.

All natural materials were used to create these, and each one wears a genuine bone breastplate relative to the Tribe/Nation they represent.

Each face is hand painted with particular care to produce a real to life effect.

Butter-soft buckskin is used for fringe and decor, as well as genuine animal pelts such as Silver Tip Fox, Coyote, and Red Fox. Other periodic decor includes horse hair, buffalo teeth, beads, feathers, antler bone discs, etc. The craftsmanship is magnificent!

Click on the image below to see the Spirit Masks in more detail.

Spirit Masks : Blackfeet Warrior, Cheyenne Dog Soldier, Comanche Warrior, Sioux Red Fox Dreamer, Warm Spring Apache.


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