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Native American items for Home Decor

A collection of American Indian made items for your home or office decor. All come with a certificate of authenticity.

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Green Corn Bandolier Bag.

Green Corn Bandolier Bag

This is a gorgeous Cherokee bandolier bag created and hand sewn by Pamm Martin of the Cherokee Tribe in Oklahoma. She is also an award winning bead artist.

This bag she calls "The Cherokee Green Corn Dance". It measures 9.5" x 10" with the width of each strap, 3.5" wide and 25" from shoulder center to top of bag.

It's a one of a kind treasure for any collection.

Pam has used green velvet fabric, with green check cotton fabric and yellow ribbon, edged with real vintage (from late 1800's to 1920's) French white-heart orange seed beads, and green acrylic yarn to imitate corn shuck fibers.

Two different sized beads are used for the bulging corn kernals on each stalk. Very ingenious.

$555 [Sale Price]

Chocolate Pony Whimsey.

Chocolate Pony Whimsey

This is the Chocolate Pony Whimsey hand-made by Pamm Martin of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Pamm is an experienced artist well known for her bead work, bandoliers and other fine crafts.

This little pony is made of brown wool and measures 10 inches by 11 inches. He is fully beaded all the way around in brown and beige seed beads. His mane and tail are red dyed genuine horse hair. Native Americans consider horse hair to be good luck.

He features a coquina shell in the middle with a small painted feaux feather pendant. All along the side are red seed beads in a zig-zag pattern with tiny sea shells.

This little fella has a story to tell. Get him before he's gone. This is a one of a kind. There will be more but they will be different.

$50 [Sale Price]

Red Fox Gun Case.

Red Fox Gun Case

A beautiful Red Fox gun case featuring a full Red Fox pelt over quality grade butter-soft buckskin leather.

It sports a generous amount of fringe with a braided leather strap and finished with feathers.

Rifle is NOT included.


Powder Horn.

Powder Horn

These powder horns are reminiscent of the time of black powder rifles. The horns are accented with brass studs and trimmed with buckskin.

Each horn is unique in coloration and each is finished with a different pattern of brass studs.


4 Corner Friendship Arrows.

4 Corner Friendship Arrows

The 4 corner friendship crossed arrows features two handmade arrows, buckskin leather, a dream catcher, a medicine wheel, beaded prayer bundle and feathers.

This item was given as a token of friendship, peace and prosperity.


Bear Skull Trail Marker.

Bear Skull Trail Marker

A Comanche style trail marker is used by a family or clan to mark a trail. It indicates the direction to a ceremony, meeting, or home of a clan.

The colors on the trail marker are the clan colors. The deer antlers represent family and gentleness. Bear skulls represent wisdom.

The feathers represent a connection to the Great Spirit and carry messages and prayers to the gods.

The spearhead at the bottom of the trail marker is used for securing the marker into the ground. This would be a handsome addition to your home or office decor.


Medicine Man Antler Staff.

Medicine Man Antler Staff

Created by Tigua Indian artist Manny Silvas, this awesome Medicine Man staff stands a little over 5.5 feet tall.

It features a full deer rack of antlers which spreads out to about 21" wide with 8 points. The antlers are studded with brass studs and affixed to the staff, which is wrapped in buckskin leather and decorated with seed bead work, brass studs, leather wrapped imitation eagle feathers, antler discs, medicine bundle, brass gun casings and fringe. This is a very impressive piece.

This item is not available for International sales due to shipping restrictions.


Painted Hide - Sweat Lodge.

Painted Hide - Sweat Lodge

This painted hide, created by Cherokee artist, Bear Romero, depicts a night scene outside a sweat lodge.

The fire is burning, and the water bucket by the edge of the lodge is there to pour water over the hot rocks inside the lodge. There is a ceremonial pipe on the alter, and a staff marks the entrance. Even the cover that sits over the doorway is depicted in this painting.

Once the rocks are hot and are moved into the sweat lodge and the water is poured over them to create the steam, then the cover is rolled down over the doorway to keep the heat inside. The Sweat is a ritualistic cleansing ceremony for many tribes.


Painted Hide - Sioux and Pawnee.

Painted Hide - Sioux and Pawnee

This painted hide, mounted on bent wood and created by Cherokee artist Bear Romero, depicts a fight scene between the Pawnee and the Sioux.

Both the the Pawnee and the Sioux were known to be some of the fiercest fighters, and in this scene they stake themselves to the ground and fight to the death.


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