Native American Dance Sticks and Coup Sticks.

Dance Sticks and Coup Sticks

Our Ceremonial Dance Sticks and Coup Sticks are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Plains Indians used coup sticks to touch their enemy in an act of bravery.

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Deer Spirit War Club Dance Stick.

Deer Spirit War Club / Dance Stick

This Deer Spirit War Club / Dance Stick was handmade by well known and popular Creek artist, La Ne Ayo, who is considered a 'master artist'.

It is made using a professionally cleaned and prepared jaw bone of a deer. The artist then scortched and highlighted the jaw with brass tacks on both sides.

This item has an extended wooden handle which is decorated with pieces of either coyote or fox fur, leather bindings, and fringe along with vibrantly colored glass seed beads.

The drape features carved bone hair pipes and glass crow beads.

It is finished with pin feathers and genuine horse hair. This War Club / Dance Stick measures 18" in length.


Creek Ceremonial Turkey Foot Dance Stick.

Creek Ceremonial Turkey Foot Dance Stick

Dance sticks are used by Native American braves and warriors as they dance around a campfire.

The glass beads represent the colors of the clan or the family. The carved eagle with spread wings represents the connection to the great spirits and carries messages and prayers to them.

The webbing between the wings is there to catch the good spirits. The Turkey foot shows the power of the grip of these large birds and their connection to Mother Earth.

This item measures 24 inches in length.

Because each one is handcrafted, each Dance Stick will be unique.


Beaded Antler Dance Stick.

Beaded Antler Dance Stick

This antler stick is wrapped in leather and seed beads. It is adorned with leather fringe, medicine bag and crow beads.

Beading patterns and colors may vary. Select your own colors if you prefer. Simply enter your color choice in the instructions box during the checkout


Beaded Lynx Dance Stick.

Beaded Lynx Dance Stick

This fantastic looking dance stick features a fully intact bob cat hand painted skull.

Leather, glass beads and feathers decorate the skull which is on a thick stick about 18" long. This is wrapped in leather with colorful seed beads and genuine coyote fur.

The end of the stick sports a bob cat fur tail.

The total length of the stick from nose to tip of tail is 28".


Dreamcatcher Dance Stick.

Dreamcatcher Dance Stick

This is a 12" long dance stick which features a dream catcher, feathers, beads, fur and buckskin leather wrapping with fringe. 

This is a great piece to accent your pow-wow regalia.


Medicine Man Mini Staff.

Medicine Man Mini Staff

A 12" Medicine Man mini staff, created with a medicine wheel, buckskin leather, fur, bone hair pipes, beads, medicine bag and leather fringe.

This is a great piece to accent your pow-wow regalia.


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