Native American Regalia : American Indian Ceremonial Dance Rattles.

Ceremonial Dance Rattles

All of our Ceremonial Dance Rattles are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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Painted Gourd Rattles.

Painted Gourd Rattles

These hand painted gourd rattles measure 18" in length and painted with either a Sun Face, Lizard, Horse or Turtle by Native American artist La Na Ayo of the Creek Nation.

The staffs are wrapped in leather with some intricate seed bead work, fur and fringe.

Leather, fur and beads will vary.


Ceremonial Horn Rattle.

Ceremonial Horn Rattle

These horn rattles are used in ceremonial dances, the horns show power, and the noise they make is to call on the spirits.

These Cherokee made horn rattles are handcrafted from genuine horn, leather, horse hair, feathers and rawhide.


Cherokee Elk Spike Rattle.

Elk Spike Rattle

This Elk Spike Turtle Rattle was handmade by Cherokee artist, Wetfoot.

It is made with the shell of a wood turtle, and a genuine Elk antler spike. A little coyote or fox fur is used to decorate.

The bare antler is beautiful and measures about 21"


Painted Gourd Rattle.

Painted Gourd Rattle

These Gourd Rattles measure 18" in length and are made from real gourds.

Each is hand painted with either Bear, Lizard, Kokopelli or Turtle and the sizes of gourds may vary.

The handle is wrapped in genuine leather and fur, then decorated with fringe and colored glass crow beads.

Coloring of glass crow beads and fur may vary.


Rawhide Rattle.

Rawhide Rattle

These beautifully crafted rawhide rattles are decorated with natural feathers, a string of mixed color bead wrapping around the handle, and a horse-tail adornment at the end

Each rattle was created by Navajo artist, Leo Holiday, or his brother Larry.


Bone and Turtle Shell Rattle.

Bone and Turtle Shell Rattle

This little rattle is made using all natural materials by Cherokee artist, Wetfoot.

The handle is made from the leg bone of a deer, symbolizing swiftness.

The rattle is a turtle shell which symbolizes longevity and harmony.

The rattle has a good sound and measures approximately 9" plus 3" of genuine horse hair tassel.

[Horse hair is seen as good luck.]


Deer Foot and Turtle Shell Rattle.

Deer Foot and Turtle Shell Rattle

This is beautiful rattle was made by Navajo artist, Curtis Bitsui.

It features a genuine deer foot and turtle shell, attached with rawhide and sinew. Each one varies slightly in coloration and in size, but generally measure about 10" long by approximately 4" wide.

There is a piece of either coyote or fox fur for decoration. These rattles have a very full with a deep sound, and are very popular.


Painted 5 inch Rawhide Rattle.

Painted 5" Rawhide Rattle

These mini rattles are made of genuine rawhide on a wooden stick.

Each one is hand painted with various Native American symbols like the butterfly, kokopelli, migration, buffalo, sun face, turtle and bear.

The handles are hand painted with colorful designs and the whole rattle is about 5" in length.

They are created by Navajo artist, Irene Morgan.


Painted 8 inch Rawhide Rattle.

Painted 8" Rawhide Rattle

These small rattles are made of genuine rawhide on a leather wrapped wooden stick, decorated with seed beads and horse hair.

Each one is hand painted by Navajo artist, Irene Morgan, using various Native American symbols such as the turtle, buffalo, bear, migration, kokopelli and sun face. The whole rattle is about 8" in length.


Painted 10 inch Rawhide Rattle.

Painted 10" Rawhide Rattle

These 10" rattles are made with genuine rawhide on a leather-wrapped wooden stick, decorated with rabbit fur, leather fringe, seed beads and pony beads.

Each one is hand painted with various Native American symbols like the butterfly, lizard, bear, rug pattern, petroglyph, turtle, sun face, warrior and bear.

Each one is hand crafted by Navajo artist, Irene Morgan.


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