Native American Bows and Quivers.

Bows, Quivers and Arrows

All of our Bows, Quivers and Arrows are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Warrior Bow and Flat Quiver with Dagger.

Warrior Bow and Flat Quiver with Dagger

This Navajo made flat quiver with dagger and bow combo comes in a variety of colors. It has tons of long flowing fringe, metal conchas, feathers and genuine horse hair for good luck.

The bow measures 44" in length and is trimmed with hand made arrows, including a bone and resin knife in a leather sheath, which is attached to the side of the quiver.

The bow is trimmed with fur, feathers, seed bead work and has a braided leather hanging strap.


$275 - $290

Arctic Fox Quiver and Arrows.

Arctic Fox Quiver and Arrows

This authentic full Arctic Fox pelt lays over a genuine buckskin quiver with a Medicine Wheel to protect the warrior as he goes into battle.

Two arrows with either pewter or bone tips finish this piece which measures 24" long.

This artifact is handcrafted in the southwestern United States by Navajo artist, Curtis Bitsui.


A Basic Bow and Arrows (Navajo Made).

Basic Bow and Arrows

A Navajo made 46" basic bow with crossed arrows and is a perfect example of the standard Native American bow from yesteryear.

It features buckskin leather, decoration beads and fur, and finished with feathers and fringe.

You can choose a variety colors for your bow. Please select your choice before adding the bow to the cart.


$115 - $130

Large Bow and Arrows.

Beaded Chief's Bow and Arrows

This large chief's bow is wrapped in genuine buckskin leather with crossover lacing, feathers, beads, fringe and adorned with detailed inlayed beading. There are also two bone tipped ritual arrows.

This handcrafted item is approximately 47" and arrows measure approximately 26".

You can choose a variety colors for your bow. Please select your choice before adding the bow to the cart.


$185 - $205

Tohono O’odham Made Bow with Medicine Bag.

Tohono O’odham Made Bow with Medicine Bag

This is a very popular bow and arrows set due to it's authentic appearance and simplicity. It is completely handcrafted, right down to the finished arrows.

It is handcrafted by Nico Da'vid of the Tohono O'odham Nation, and finished off with a medicine bag, feathers, beads and fringe.

The crossed arrows indicate friendship and would be placed outside homes to let strangers know that the tribe was not at war.

This bow and arrows is 47 inches long.

You can choose a variety colors for your bow. Please select your choice before adding the bow to the cart.


$145 - $160

Warrior Bow with Case and Arrows

Warrior Bow with Case and Arrows

This spectacular warrior bow with case and arrows comes in either gold or antiqued gold leather.

It features a buckskin wrapped bow finished with feathers and fringe.

The bow case is made of buttery soft buckskin with long, luscious fringe, a medicine bundle, a medicine wheel, and two plain hand-made arrows.

Bead and feather decorations may vary slightly.

This item is made by Curtis Bitsui of the Navajo Nation and measures about 52" x 42".


$300 - $315

Tigua Made Bow Case with Bow and Arrows.

Tigua Made Bow Case with Bow and Arrows

This spectacular bow case comes with a bow and two arrows and is accented with a medicine wheel, feathers, brass tacks, bone beads and horsehair.

Handmade by Rudi Silvas from the Tigua Nation.

The approximate dimensions are 42" wide x 39" tall. One is accented with red felt, and the other with turquoise.

This item is available in short supply. In gold and antiqued gold colors only.


$350 - $365

Curly Sheep Quiver with Arrows.

Curly Sheep Quiver with Arrows

This is the Curly Sheep quiver by Native American artist, Wetfoot of the Cherokee Nation.

Wetfoot uses a sheep skin and white buckskin leather to cover the quiver. It has a braided leather hanging strap and two handcrafted arrows.

Feathers and arrows may vary. This quiver measures 24" in length.


Navajo made quiver and arrows with full coyote pelt.

Full Coyote Quiver and Arrows

This handsome, plush Coyote Quiver was created by popular Cherokee artist, Wetfoot.

He has used the whole coyote pelt from tip of the nose to tip of the tail.

He has adorned it with generous amounts of buckskin fringe, beads and feathers.

Also included are two bone tipped arrows approx 32" in length. The quiver measures 36" total length.


Old-Style bow with two arrows and a flat, leather quiver.

Old-Style Bow with Flat Leather Quiver and 2 Arrows

A large old-style 50" bow with a flat leather quiver and two arrows, The quiver is wrapped in leather and decorated with concho's, feathers, fringe and braided leather strap.

It also comes with two hand crafted, bone tipped and natural feather fletched arrows.

Available in a variety of colors which may or may not always be in stock. [Shown here in gold.] Please select your first color choice before adding item to cart.

$295 Each.

Cross Fox Quiver and Arrows.

Cross Fox Quiver and Arrows

This is a gorgeous cross fox quiver. It is a naturally occurring blend of a silver-tipped fox and a red fox.

The cross-fox can only occur in the wild. When attempted in a ranch setting, the fox will be either a solid silver-tipped or a solid red fox.

This beautiful pelt on black buckskin is a large fringed, wonderfully created artifact. The pelt on these foxes is very thick and luxurious.

This piece is handcrafted by Cherokee artist, Wet Foot, and comes with two arrows and Feathers.

Feathers and decorations may vary.


Rawhide Bow with Crossed Arrows.

Rawhide Bow and Arrows

This 44" long rawhide wrapped bow is created by Navajo artist, Leo Holiday.

This bow has very good balance with it's unusual 45º angle limbs. It also features some seed bead work on either side of the grip. It is finished off with antler buttons, feathers and horse hair

Horse hair is good luck to Native Americans. This bow also has 2 hand made arrows fixed in cross position which meant peace.


Bow and Arrows with Shield.

Bow and Arrows with Shield

This wonderful piece is a bow with crossed, obsidian tipped arrows which signifies peace.

It is decorated with pieces of genuine coyote fur, feathers, glass beads and a braided leather strap for hanging.

It is combined with a buckskin covered Warrior Shield with a Dagger and Sheath. The shield is accessorized with a small medicine wheel medicine bag, antler buttons from either deer or elk, feathers, glass beads and fringe. The shield measures 14" in diameter.

The bow is 37" long. This bow is intended for decoration purposes only and is available in either gold leather or antiqued gold leather.

Please make your color selection before adding the item to your cart.

This beautiful piece is made by Cornelia Kosea of the Navajo Nation.


$195 - $210

Another Navajo made quiver and arrows with fox head.

Round Quiver with Fox Face and Arrows

A beautiful handcrafted round fox face quiver, handmade by Navajo artist, Curtis Bitsui.

This quiver is round amd covered in genuine buckskin leather, with a notched buckskin leather shoulder strap.

It is decorated with real fox head fur, imitation eagle feathers, buckskin fringe, 2 antler buttons from either deer or elk antlers, and 2 hand made bone tipped arrows.

This quiver measures approximately 20" and the two arrows measure approximately 32".


Navajo made Quiver and Arrows with silver-tipped fox pelt.

Silver Fox Quiver and Arrows

This beautiful, full Silver Tipped Fox pelt quiver is a large-fringed, wonderfully handcrafted artifact. It features the full Silver Tipped Fox pelt, genuine buckskin leather, a generous amount of long fringe, feathers & beads.

The pelt on these silver tipped foxes is very thick and luxurious.

Handcrafted by Cherokee artist 'WetFoot' and comes with two hand crafted arrows.


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