Native American Regalia : Medicine Bags, Pouches, Possible Bags.

Medicine Bags and Pouches

All of our medicine bags and pouches are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the bags and pouches in more detail.

Small Antiqued Medicine Bag.

Small Antiqued Medicine Bag

This is a small Antiqued Medicine Bag made of genuine buckskin leather and measures approximately 3.5" x 4.5", with a leather strap approximately 30" in length.

It has a very generous amount of fringe, and the leather has been antiqued to give it that aged, used look although this is a brand new bag.

These bags are made by people of the Navajo nation.


Hourglass Bag.

Hourglass Bag

This little bag is made of genuine buckskin leather and measures 5" tall by 2.5" wide. It has a 15" braided leather strap with about 7 additional inches of leather fringe. This is a perfect little trinket bag.

It is decorated with an antler disc on the front and has a leather tie closure.


Large Corn Bag.

Large Corn Bag

These are Corn bags. They are larger than the picture depicts. Each bag is about 11" tall by 6" wide with an additional 10" in fringe and a 15" hanging strap.

Some of them will be decorated with beaded rosettes, beads on fringe and perhaps some horsehair. Each one has a leather closure tie. They are made from butter-soft buckskin leather.

Select leather color before adding to cart.


Large Leather Medicine Bag.

Large Leather Medicine Bag

This is a roomy medicine bag measuring 5" tall by 6" wide with a braided 22" strap. There is another 9 inches of fringe with silver color beads.

Each bag is unique so the leather color will vary. You can select the general color from browns, golds or whites.

The picture features a metal concho on the closure flap. However, you may receive an antler disc or a other decorative item.


Beaded Buckskin Bag.

Beaded Buckskin Bag

This Navajo crafted possibles bag is just awesome.

This soft buckskin purse/bag measures about 7" by 7" with a braided buckskin strap measuring about 38-40".

The front of this bag is fully covered with vibrant colored seed beads in a traditional pattern by Navajo artist, Virginia Tsosie.

The natural edges of the buckskin were used for fringing and for the cover flap.


Beaded Buckskin Bag #2.

Beaded Buckskin Bag #2

This possibles bag is handmade with soft buckskin.

It measures approximately 7" x 7" with a braided buckskin strap measuring approximately 38-40".

The front of the bag is fully beaded with vibrant colored seed beads in a traditional pattern.

Lots of buckskin fringe surround the sides and bottom.


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