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14" Ceremonial Peace Shield with Pipe

Native American made Peace Shield with Pipe and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
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This is a medium size ceremonial peace shield. It is a hoop wrapped in genuine, buckskin with two hand-made, bone tipped, crossed arrows in the middle which signify peace.

In the very center is a medicine wheel which features genuine bone hair pipes and an antler disk in its center.

In the upper left is a dream catcher that is woven by hand. Dream catchers are traditionally hung over credles or sleeping quarters of small children to filter out the bad dreams.

In the upper right is a medicine bag. Below the medicine wheel is a peace pipe wrapped in buckskin leather with some seed bead work. The pipe bowl is made of deer antler and is actually functional.

The entire piece measures about 14" in diameter and is finished with buckskin fringe with natural feathers and glass color beads.

This item is available in several colors. Select your color choice before adding item to cart.

As this item is handcrafted, no two are alike.


$130 - $145

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