Native American Stone and Jawbone War Clubs.

Skull Cracker

Native American made Skull Cracker, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
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This is a wicked weapon. The Apache called this a "Flop Head" or "Slingshot". The Sioux just call it a Skull Cracker.

This one is made by the Cherokee artist, Ondie. The shaft is made from cottonwood branch and is completely covered in hand sewn buckskin.

In the top is a large round stone, covered in leather as well with a piece of leather between the stone andshaft to allow the stone to flop around.

When the club was swung at en enemy, the stone gathers centrifugal force as well as the power of the warrior swinging it, so when the stone actually struck the enemy, more often that not, it was a one swing death weapon.

Total length is 29".


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