Native American Regalia, Dance Bustles for Powwows.

Dance Bustles

Authentic Dance Bustles all handmade using all natural materials by Native Americans, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

These bustles measure approx. 32" in diameter, with the center hand beaded rosette measuring about 4".

Bustles can be made to match any War Bonnet Headdress theme, or design your own.

Custom Orders Accepted.

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Barred Turkey Bustle.

Barred Turkey Bustle

A Barred Turkey Bustle handmade with 30 Real Game Turkey Feathers. Each feather is wrapped in red yarn and decorated with white fluffs, base and tips.

A hand beaded center rosette, along with genuine game pheasant feathers adorns the center.

Please forgive the quality of this picture. We will replace it soon.


Horse Hair Bustle.

Horse Hair Bustle

This handmade horse hair bustle measures 19-20" wide by about 23-24" tall.

Customize a bustle like this for yourself with your own colors [bead work and wraps]. At present, only black and white horse hair are available.


USA Pride Bustle.

USA Pride Bustle

This is our Nations Pride USA Bustle. This is a favorite for some of our customers who enjoy the red, white and blue regalia theme.

War Bonnets and Double Trailer Bonnets in the same color theme are also available.

Show your USA pride.


Windsong Bustle.

Windsong Bustle

This is the Wind Song bustle. It features 30 black tip imitation eagle feathers tipped with black, red and yellow fluffs, and a generous portion of real horse hair.

The feather base are lines with a thick row of matching black, red and yellow fluffs. The center rosette is hand sewn with seed beads. Patterns may vary slightly.


Mystic Sunset Bustle Combo.

Mystic Sunset Bustle Combo

The Mystic Sunset War Bonnet and Bustle Combo are an elegant pair with fine craftsmanship using only natural materials.

Each feather is meticulously hand painted and decorated with leather spots and genuine horse hair.

There is a super thick row of black, yellow and red fluffs along the feather base.

The brow band and matching rosettes are hand beaded, and a beaded drape of bells and brass fall under the brow band.

The drops are Ringtail cat tails. These are hard to get anymore so they may be substituted for rabbit fur or fox tails.

Accompanied with the fur drops are beads and fringed leather for added decoration.

The matching bustle features a hand sewn beaded center rosette. This is a beautiful couple. The picture also shows a black horn hair pipe and brass breastplate choker which is sold separately.

Bonnet and Bustle Combo

Bustle Only



Sun Bonnet and Bustle Combo.

Sun Bonnet and Bustle Combo

Navajo made and the most beautiful, Red Sun War Bonnet and Bustle Combo I've seen in a very long time.

The bonnet has a hand painted black stripe down the quill of every red feather, an extra wide brow band using seed beads, and matching rosettes.

Coyote fur drops on either side along with smaller feathers, glass crow beads, brass beads and brass cones.

The feather tips are adorned with black spots and genuine horse hair. They just don't come any better than this!

The matching bustle has 30 of the same type of hand painted feathers, red with the black strip down the quill and black spots with horse hair on each feather tip. It measures a full 29" in width. The center features a matching, hand beaded rosette.

Pictured with this combo is a breastplate choker that is not included in this sale.

Bonnet and Bustle Combo

Bustle Only



Thunderbird Bonnet and Bustle Combo.

Thunderbird Bonnet and Bustle Combo

The Thunderbird War Bonnet and Bustle Combo feature master craftsmanship.

This bonnet is made using over 40 high quality feathers, which are tipped with white leather spots, beige feather fluffs and genuine horsehair.

The base row of feather fluffs, black, beige, orange and white, are so thick it resembles a fur hide. Added to that are Lady Amherst Pheasant tail feathers for a bright contrast of color atop the black base feathers.

The brow band features a full color Thunderbird to match the bonnets coloring, along with matching hand beaded rosettes. Genuine Coyote tails are used for the drops at either side, along with leather strips with glass crow beads.

The Thunderbird Bustle is made in the same fashion as the bonnet. Together, these two items are a true masterpiece.

Thunderbird Bonnet and Bustle Combo

Thunderbird Dance Bustle



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