Native American War Shields. Great for Powwows.

War Shields

All of our war shields are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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Native American made Peace Shield with Pipe.

12" Ceremonial Peace Shield with Pipe

It features hand fletched, bone tipped crossed arrows (a sign of friendship), dream catcher, medicine pouch, medicine wheel, and decorated deer antler pipe.

This item is totally handcrafted by Curtis Bitsui of the Navajo Nation.

Beading, feathers amd natural materials such as antler pipe bowl, will vary. It has a leather thong for hanging & is finished with leather fringe, glass beads and duck pin feathers.

As this item is handcrafted, no two are alike.


War Shield with Dagger.

War Shield with Dagger

This Warrior Shield is wrapped in genuine, antiqued buckskin with a bone tipped knife and sheath attached to the shield.

The knife is removable from the sheath. The handle is made of a very light wood, and the blade is carved from real bone. The entire knife, which measures approximately 12", is practically weightless.

The shield also holds a leather medicine bag, a medicine wheel, antler disks, pin feathers and horse hair.

This entire ensemble measure about 12" in diameter. This is a great shield for decor or as a gift.


Friendship Shield.

Friendship Shield

This is a variation of Friendship Shield which is usually given to friends which signified friendship as well as good wishes and good health to the friends family and home. It is a shield of protection.

It features a buckskin wrapped dream catcher, webbed with artificial sinew, a buckskin wrapped medicine wheel with bone hair pipes and brass beads, 2 bone tipped crossed arrows and a buckskin medicine pouch with a beaded rosette. It is finished with some pin feathers and measures about 24" tall.


Ceremonial Handprint Shield.

Ceremonial Handprint Shield

This buckskin Ceremonial handprint Shield measures 15 inches in diameter. The big red hand print in the center was the native way to say, "I was here".

Each shield is decorated with a turkey feather fur fan and a small dream cather. These items may vary in color.

It fetures a braided yank of sweetgrass affixed to te upper portion of the shild. Additional ties of beads and feathers finish off this shield.


Ceremonial Medicine Mane Shield.

Ceremonial Medicine Mane Shield

This is a 14 inch Ceremonial Medicine Mane Shield. The face of the hoop is covered with buckskin and two short handmade arrows in a crossing pattern which represents peace.

There are some metal socnos, feathers and fringe for decorations, and a buckskin medicine bundle.


Mini Wood Burned Shields.

Mini Wood Burned Shields

Here's a great idea... Mini Wood Burned Shields for many uses. Hang them with prayer ties. Use them for ornaments. Hang them alnost everywhere.

Each one is a 5 inch wooden disk with the elk, buffalo, bear or bear paw burned on the face. Genuine buckskin leather is threaded around the edges and duck pin feathers are added for decoration. It also has a leather hanging strap.


Large Turtle Shell War Shield.

Large Turtle Shell Shield

A large Snapper Turtle shell shield with the turtle shell measuring nearly a foot in diameter.

The shell is decorated with glass crow beads and fitted with genuine buckskin covering and fringe, hand painted by Native American artist, Alan Romero of the Laguna people.


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