Native American War Shields. Great for Powwows.

War Shields

All of our war shields are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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Native American made Peace Shield with Pipe.

Peace Shield with Pipe

This open shield measures 12" in diameter and consists of two crossed arrows, [which symbolizes peace and friendship], a dream catcher, a medicine wheel and ceremonial pipe.

It is wrapped in butter-soft buckskin and accented with fringe, beads and feathers.

As this item is handcrafted, no two are alike.


War Shield with Dagger.

War Shield with Dagger

This Warrior Shield is wrapped in genuine, antiqued buckskin with a bone tipped knife and sheath attached to the shield.

The knife is removable from the sheath. The handle is made of a very light wood, and the blade is carved from real bone. The entire knife, which measures approximately 12", is practically weightless.

The shield also holds a leather medicine bag, a medicine wheel, antler disks, pin feathers and horse hair.

This entire ensemble measure about 12" in diameter. This is a great shield for decor or as a gift.


Rawhide Shield with Thunderbird.

Rawhide Shield with Thunderbird

This shield represents rebirth. It measures 15" in diameter, curves out 4" from the wall [convex] and is made from rawhide.

The center of this shield is decorated with a painted Thunderbird.

The legend is, when the Thunderbird dies in the fire, it is reborn and flies out to begin life again. Some legends say it is the Thunderbird that comes to take you on your journey to the next life when you die.


Shield Crossed Arrows with Artifact.

Shield Crossed Arrows with Artifact

This beautiful medicine shield measures 18" in diameter and features a leather and beaded antler pipe, a medicine wheel, a medicine bag and two crossed bone tipped arrows signifying peace.

The leather is antiqued to reflect the aged vintage look. The medicine wheel features bone hair pipes. Decorative feathers and antler bone disc trim the lower edge of the shield.


Shield with Tomahawk.

Shield with Tomahawk

A handsome shield measuring 16" in diameter and is covered in antiqued genuine leather to give it the aged look.

It features a single iron head tomahawk with beaded and fur handle. It is decorated with antler buttons, feathers, horse hair and beads.


Trophy Shield.

Trophy Shield

This is a beautiful representation of what some Native Americans did with flags they won in battle. This shield is referred to as a Trophy Shield.

It is beautifully handmade with padding under the USA flag and a buckskin leather backing. Decorated with 12 imitation eagle feathers, leather lacing, plated silver studs, antler discs and bullet shells.


Large Turtle Shell War Shield.

Large Turtle Shell Shield

A large Snapper Turtle shell shield with the turtle shell measuring nearly a foot in diameter.

The shell is decorated with glass crow beads and fitted with genuine buckskin covering and fringe, hand painted by Native American artist, Alan Romero of the Laguna people.


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