Native American Tomahawks.

Flutes and Flute Bags

All of our flutes and flute bags are Native American made and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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Native American made Cedar Totem Flute in F#.

Cedar Totem Flute in F#

This flute was crafted by Navajo artist, Jonah Thompson.

The flute is made of quality cedar and professionally tuned to F#.

Choose your own totem favorite from bear, buffalo, eagle, mountain lion, pony, ram or turtle.

E Minor available by special order (Add $15 for E Minor). Please call 337-214-4171.

Animal Totem
Drone Flute.

Drone Flute

Native American flutes are instruments of music, ceremony, entertainment, courtship and love.

These 21" cedar drone flutes (totems vary : Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, Mountain Lion, Pony, Wolf and Turtle) are tuned to F# and are handmade by Jonah Thompson.

These have a very rich and beautiful, clear tone.

Animal Totem
American Indian made Fancy Leather Flute Bag.

Fancy Leather Flute Bag

This is a beautiful leather flute bag measuring about 4" x 22" with leather strap. It is decorated with a large metal concho, delicate macaw breast feathers, and horse hair.

This item is hand crafted by Cherokee artist, Ondie.


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